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Start highly profitable business of extracting pure Silver from easily available waste solution (known as fixer) of X-ray Clinics, Photo labs, Off-set processors, Block makers, Industrial X-ray department etc. using fully automatic machine, based on today's latest technology.

Project Report
To extract pure silver from used and waste fixer solution of X-ray clinics, Photolabs, Block makers, offset processors etc.
Base & Presumptions
While preparing this project report, it has been assumed that about 430 liters of waste fixer solution will be available from different sources, such as X-ray clinics, photolabs, offset processors etc. Generally one litre of fixer solution contains upto 10 grams silver. On safer side, its silver concentration has been assumed to be 8 grams/litre. Silver extraction plant model SX-150 has been selected as the most appropriate model for handling 188 liters of waste fixer solution. The overall silver production should be 18 Kg. per annum. The working  days have been assumed to be 20 days in a month. Because plant can work continuously without the presence of operator / supervisor, therefore plant working has been calculated for 12 hours a day. Since the finished product silver is readily sellable in cash, it has been assumed that there will be sufficient raw material for 3 days to ensure the smooth running of this project.
Cost of project  
(Indian Rupees)
1. Land & Building    NIL
2. Plant & Machinery         33,750-00
3. Initial Margin Money for working capital      6,250-00
Total   40,000-00
Land & Building    
The silver extraction plant model SX-150 is compact in size. A  small space (at home also) will be sufficient for its operation. Therefore, no special land & building is required for this trade.    00-00
Plant & Machinery    
Silver extraction plant model SX-150         30,000-00
VAT/ Sales Tax @ 12.5%   3,750-00
Total   33,750-00
Other Fixed Assets    
No other fixed assets are required     00-00
188 litre fixer solution is required as basic raw material. Generally fixer solution contents
upto 10 grams per litre.On safer side, its average silver concentration has been assumed to
be 8 grams per litre. Because it is used and waste material and it remains available less than
Rs. 150-00 per litre, therefore its maximum rate has been taken to be Rs. 90-00 per litre (150 x 150)
Collection & Transportation charges    
Because 188 litre  waste fixer solution can be precurred easily from nearby sources, therefore
collection charges hasbeen taken at the standard rate of Rs.20-00 per litre. (188 x 20)
Grand Total   31,960-00
Utilities Required (per Month)    
Being 100 watt electricity load of plant, it will consume only2.4 x 20= 48
units per month .The electricity charges @ Rs. 5 per unit (48 x 5)
Total   240-00
Manpower required (per Month)    
The silver extraction plant is automatic and single switch operated machine. The time
involved in this business is only in the procurement of waste solutions, which can be
done easily by the entrepreneur himself. Therefore no labour is required.
A. Production overheads (per Annum)    
1. Silver estimation paper, 2 cartoons @500-00 +VAT@12.52%   1,125-00
2. Containers for fixer solution collecting.    750-00
3. Misc. expenses for fixer solution collecting containers etc.    2,400-00
Total   4,275-00
B. Administrative overheads (per Annum)    
Printing & stationary, postage, account books maintenance & other expenses   3,000-00
Total   3,000-00
Working capital requirement    
1. Raw material for 3 days including transportation charges   4,794-50 
2. Overhead s (containing testing paper etc.) in the beginning @ 20%    1,455-00
Total   6,249-00
Say   6,250-00
Name of Asset        Cost Dep. Factor
Plant & Machinery Rs. 33,750-00 13.68%
Dep. Amount 
Cost of production (per annum)    
Rent for building   00-00
Raw material including transportation   3,83,520.00
Utilities   2,880-00
Wages and salaries   00-00
Production overheads   4,275-00
Administrative overheads   3,000-00
Interest @ 18%   7,200-00
Depriciation   4,500-00
Total   4,05,375-00
Sales Turnover    
Total  silver extraction would be 18 kg. 120 gms. On safer it has been side,assumed to sales
proceeds of 36 Kg. silver per annum. The rate of silver fluctuates everyday, on the safer
side, its rate has been assumed Rs.34,000-00 per Kg. as the lowest rate of last six months.
Although today's silver rate is Rs . per Kg. (18 x 34,000)
Total   6,12,000.00 
Net profit (per Annum)    
Sales Turnover   6,12,000.00
(-) Less cost of production   4,05,375.00
Net Profit   2,06,625.00
Net Profit per Month                     : 17,218-75    
Net profit ratio                             : 33%    
Return on investment                   : 516%    
Break even point     
Fixed cost (per Annum)    
Production overheads (50%)   2,137-50
Administrative overheads (50%)       1,500-00
Depreciation   4,500-00
Interest   7,200-00
Total   15,337-50
B.E.P. = FC x 100 = 15,337.50 x 100
FC + P. 15,337.50 + 2,06,625
   =   6.47%    
Address of the suppliers of     
Automatic Silver Extraction plants    
M/s Silvo India     
G-59, vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, (Near Walia Nursing Home), Delhi-110092.    
Telephone No : 011-22515916, 22460394, 9313088357    
E-mail : info@silvo.in,    
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Address of suppliers of raw material:    
All the X-ray clinics, photo labs, block makers, offset processors, industrial X-ray departments, photo-typesetters, lithographers, ultrasound labs, cine film processing labs etc. located in your nearby areas.
While preparing this project report, it has been assumed that the entrepreneur is hard working and can do the necessary field work for collecting the fixer solution from various sources. The plant can be operated for complete 30 days in a month, taking 24 working hours per day, but it depends upon the efficiency of  the entrepreneursand the availability of raw material. This project report is made for standard working of a normal person at an average place. This is a labour intensive industry. It requires continuous hard workand aptitude for regular field work, so that the availability of fixer solution could be maintained regularly. Profitability of this project depends entirely upon the purchase price of waste fixer solution, concentration of silver in it and the sale price of silver.
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